Areas of Focus


Vocational Education Centre Sedu is active in developing vocational education through international projects. There are a wide range of opprotunities for the students to do their on-the-job learning periods aboard.

Sedu has a wide partner network all around Europe and has successfully coordinated many mobility projects. Sedu has also been partner in several mobility and development projects. Sedu has hosted many groups of students and experts from all around Europe since 1996. The developing of international activities is based on a strategy of international affairs.

Promotion of Entrepreneurship

Seinäjoki and it´s surroundings are well known from the positive attitude towards entrepreneurship. The promotion of entrepreneurship is one of the key focus points in the future development of the area. Sedu gets the inspiration for its entrepreneurial working style from the surrounding region. Entrepreneurship education is a key area of development in Vocational Education Centre Sedu. Sedu puts also major emphasis in developing diversified learning environments for the students.

The students are encouraged to test their ideas in JA Young Entrepreneur –programmes and Practise Enterprise –programmes. Sedu also promotes the entrepreneurship education nationwide by organising national conferences on a yearly basis. 


Opinlakeus Network

All the institutions of Sedu belong to Opinlakeus Network. Opinlakeus is a cooperation network between institutions of secondary education in Etelä-Pohjanmaa-region, comprising a total of 30 institutions which includes all the upper secondary schools and vocational educational institutions for both young people and adults as well as folk high schools. The objective of Opinlakeus network is to promote cooperation between educational institutions and to diversify the students’ study opportunities by allowing them to choose courses at the other schools in the network. The student can choose only one course or even study for two diplomas at the same time.