Vocational Education Centre Sedu is participating as a coordinator or partner in many student and teacher mobility and transfer of innocation projects. Sedu is coordinating the following Leonardo da Vinci projects:

Student Mobility Projects
  • LdV, IVT, Sedulity 2
  • LdV, IVT, Turva
  • Mobility of teachers and other staff
  • ETEVÄ   (LdV, VETRPO) 2009-2011

The focus of the project is to offer a possiblity for teachers and other specialists of the fields of agriculture, forestry and  culture to famialiarize themeselves with the work of their fields expertise in other European countries. The special emphasis is put in to the enterprise education as part of the studies of these fields.
Company Scene Investication- CSI (LdV, VETRPO) 2009-2011

The main points in the agenda of outgoing professionals are: 1) to study the methods and ways of encouraging the multidisciplinary approach to be more on the focus in student companies 2) to familiarize Finnish experts in to the solutions that are used in partner countries to make the innovative ideas of student enterprises to live after the company programme at school is over 3) to study the possibilities for co-operation on a strategic level regionally and nationally in the partner country.

Transfer in Innovation Projects (Leonardo da Vinci)

European Commitment To Entrepreneurship (ECE)
Sedu is participating as a partner in the Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation project: European Commitment for Entrepreneurship (ECE).  This project is coordinated by the Flemish Ministry of Education from Belgium and there are partners from Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain and Sweden also involved. In this project  en entreprise education programme created in Spain called: Empresa Joven Europea is tested in the partner countries.
Project website: