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Vocational Education Centre Sedu is a multidisciplinary VET institution that provides high quality education and student welfare for more than 4200 students. Individualized study paths, project learning and a strong emphasis on internationalization feature in the provision of education at Sedu.

As a regional vocational upper secondary education provider, we have a mission to provide the students with learning opportunities that enable them to acquire the knowledge, skills and competences that meet both the needs of the students and the world of work in an optimal way.

Sedu has some 250 teachers and some 150 other staff. Majority of the students start their studies at the age of 16.

Sedu offers two programmes mainly in English.

Areas of Focus

Sedu is active in developing vocational education through different kinds of international projects. Seinäjoki Region itself is well known for high amount of SME's and the positive attitude towards entrepreneurship. The promotion of entrepreneurship is one of the key focus points in the future development of the area. Entrepreneurship education is a key area of development in Vocational Education Centre Sedu and we aim to develop and offer diversified learning environments for the students. Sedu does cooperation with other educational institutions to diversify the students’ study opportunities. Students have the possibility to choose courses from other schools. Read more


International Sedu

Vocational Education Centre Sedu has an extensive national and international cooperation network. Vocational Education Centre Sedu offers its students and personnel a number of different ways to gain international experience - through exchanges and home internationalization. Read more


About Finland

Did you know that Finland has around 188 000 lakes and that 69% of Finland is forest?  Find out more

Sedu's brochure


Vocational Education Centre Sedu is situated in the western part of Finland, in Seinäjoki, South Ostrobothnia. 
The name Sedu stands for
S : success and satisfaction
E : education
D : development
U : united


Sedu offers 25 vocational qualifications

Sedu provides studies in the following study fields: Business and Administration, Culture, Health and Social Sciences, Natural Resources Sector, Tourism, Catering and Home Economics, Technology and Transport Sector. Diversified adult education increases the educational supply further.
Study programmes

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