Vocational qualifications and training 

Sedu provides vocational education and training in 32 vocational upper secondary qualifications in several locations around the region. Each broad qualification has different competence areas. Qualifications follow national qualification requirements prepared by Finnish National Agency for Education in cooperation with working life.

The language of instruction at Sedu is Finnish with one exception. In the field of social and health care the Practical Nurse –programme is also available in English.

In addition, Sedu organises education and training for further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications.

There is also a wide selection of short term trainings and tailor-made in-house trainings for companies and their personnel. Vocational education and training is designed for both young people and adults with or without previous vocational qualifications.

Tailor-made services in education for international customers is presented under Global Education section.

For further information about Vocational Education and Training in Finland, please check the website of the Finnish National Board of Education.

The Finnish vocational education and training (VET) reform updated the entire education in January 2018. VET has to respond more swiftly to the changes in work life and operating environment and to adapt to individual competence needs. Please, read more about the Finnish VET reform here.

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Vocational Upper Secondary Qualifications at Sedu

Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture (Maatalousalan perustutkinto)
• Rural Entrepreneur
• Animal Attendant
Forestry (Metsäalan perustutkinto)
• Forest Machine Operator
• Forest Worker/Forest Services Provider


•  Hairdressing (Hius- ja kauneudenhoitoalan perustutkinto)

Business and Entrepreneurship

• Business, merkonomi (Liiketoiminnan perustutkinto)

Cleaning and Property Services

Cleaning and Property Services (Puhtaus- ja kiinteistöpalvelualan perustutkinto)
• Housekeeper

Electricity and Automation

Electrical and Automation Engineering (Sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikan perustutkinto)
• Automation Assembler
• Electrician

Fashion, Interior Decoration and Textiles

Textiles and Fashion (Tekstiili- ja muotialan perustutkinto)
• Dressmaker
Industrial Arts (Taideteollisuusalan perustutkinto)
• Interior Decorator
• Artisan

Food and Tourism

Tourism Industry (Matkailualan perustutkinto)
• Tourism Activities Organiser
Restaurant and Catering Services (Ravintola- ja catering-alan perustutkinto)
• Cook
• Waiter/Waitress
Food Production (Elintarvikealan perustutkinto)
• Food Maker
• Baker-Confectioner
• Meat Products Processor


Logistics (Logistiikan perustutkinto)
• Articulated Vehicle Driver

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology (Kone- ja tuotantotekniikan perustutkinto)
• Welder
• Machinist
• Maintenance Fitter

Media, ICT and Communication

Media and Visual Expression (Media-alan ja kuvallisen ilmaisun perustutkinto)
• Artisan
Information and Telecommunication Tehcnology (Tieto- ja tietoliikennetekniikan perustutkinto)
• Datanomi
Information and Communication Tehnology  (Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan perustutkinto)
• Electronics Assembler
• ICT Technician

Safety and Security

Safety and Security (Turvallisuusalan perustutkinto)
• Security Officer


Vehicle Technology (Autoalan perustutkinto)
• Vehicle Body Repairer
• Vehicle Mechanic

Welfare and Health

Social and Health Care (Sosiaali- ja terveysalan perustutkinto)
• Practical Nurse (This programme also offered in English)
• First Level Emergency Care (trail training programme)

Wood and Construction

Surface Treatment Technology (Pintakäsittelyalan perustutkinto)
• Painter, Floor Layer
Wood Industry (Puuteollisuuden perustutkinto)
• Joiner
Construction (Rakennusalan perustutkinto)
• Housebuilder
• Earthmover Operator
Building Maintenance Tehcnology (Talotekniikan perustutkinto)
• Pipefitter


VALMA Preparatory Instruction and Guidance Programme for VET

VALMA programme is aimed at young people who

  • have completed compulsory basic education or
  • have quit their vocational studies  or
  • have no study place or
  • are in danger of dropping out of the educational system or
  • have immigrant backgrounds

VALMA is a 1-year-programme (30-60 competence points) and forms a bridge to vocational education and training. VALMA gives the possibility for the student to learn about different study options and make plans for future, strengthen their learning skills and improve their grades and skills in Finnish.

Integration Training for Immigrants

Sedu provides integration training for adult immigrants to give them better possibilities of becoming a part of the Finnish society. Integration training offers an important pathway to vocational education and training and the labour market. Immigrants can apply to integration training through local TE services


Student Admissions Office

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