Health requirements for social services, health and sport sectors

When applying through the joint application system to study on a vocational upper secondary qualification, mark health issues in the electric joint application form for courses which have health requirements. Evaluate your possible health restrictions or deficiencies.  

If the education is not part of the joint application, the educational institution will ask you for the corresponding information on your own application form. Your own description of your current health condition is sufficient in the selection stage. Based on your description, the educational institution may enquire more exact information on your health condition, for example a doctor’s certificate.

Qualification health requirements, which may prevent student acceptance, are listed here.

The decree, which came into force on 1.1.2012, clarifies regulations concerning issues preventing student acceptance on grounds of health. The SORA-decree concerns at least the following qualifications undertaken at Sedu:

  • Vocational upper secondary qualification in Logistics
  • Vocational upper secondary qualification in Forestry, Competence area in Forest Machine Operation
  • Vocational upper secondary qualification in Construction, Competence area in Infrastructure Construction
  • Vocational upper secondary qualification in Social and Health Care, see health requirements below.
  • Vocational upper secondary qualification in Safety and Security

Health requirements

Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care programme

Here is a list of the health requirements, which can be an obstacle to accepting a student to the Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care programme.

  • psychological illnesses, which prevent the completion of practical tasks or participation in workplace learning, such as current untreated psychosis or major depression which reduces the ability to work.
  • physical illnesses, such as musculoskeletal disorders or injuries and chronic skin disorders, which limit ability to work to the extent that they prevent activity in practical tasks or workplace learning.
  • blood transmitted diseases can limit practical tasks or workplace learning placements.
    substance abuse or substance addiction.

See student health requirements for vocational upper secondary qualifications in finnish (OPH 27/011/2015).

Health and functional ability assessment for SORA-vocational upper secondary qualifications

Applicants assess their current health and functional ability in regards to SORA-qualifications health and functional ability requirements in their electronic joint application form.

NOTE: Applicants can be requested to supply information concerning their health at any time during the application process, regardless of the applicant’s own statement. The information is to assist student acceptance assessment and decision making.

All qualifications

If you have health restrictions, which could affect your choice of profession, then discuss them with your guardians, doctor, student counsellor and your own educational institution’s public health nurse.

Matters that will be considered can be, for example, rashes and allergies (the hairdressing sector, nursing sector). Normal colour vision is required for many sectors (e.g. the electricity and electronics sector, surface treatment sector, laboratory technology sector, hairdressing and certain lines in the graphic design sector).