Want to study in Finland?

Sedu Education offers several options for you to study in Finland. Whether it is an intensive English course or gaining vocational skills while learning English, we have it. Come and enjoy Finnish Nature and Nordic lifestyle, while practicing your English with Native English speakers.

Our programs are designed for those people who would like to increase their confidence and English ability, and have fun doing it. The main idea is to be able to discuss, give opinions and interact through conversation. Learn by doing. Speak better English by practicing your English. The goal is to be able to express yourself easier, more smoothly and quicker.

All our programmes are tailor made to suit the needs of the group. We have different programme packages for example teachers, trainers and students.   Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the programme.



Sedu has some 40 partners all over Europe, India, Nepal and Uganda. In 2016, 132 Sedu students went abroad for exchange. In the same year, Sedu hosted Taitaja2016, National Skills event with some 50 000 visitors. Annually Sedu hosts nearly 200 international students and over 250 teachers and other staff members.   



All our programs includes social excursions and adventures in peaceful and almost therapeutic Finnish Nature. Depending on the season these include ski, snow walking, ice swimming, sauna, forest walks, fishing, cooking your own salmon on wooden planks in traditional cottages.



Contact us to find out more about the different possibilities.