School Camp in Sedu Ähtäri Tuomarniemi

Green gold – our forests – is one of the things Finland is known for. Sedu’s School Camps take place in Ähtäri, Tuomarniemi campus, where Forestry has been taught for over 100 years. Tuomarniemi serves as a multifuntional campus for training, teaching, planning and research purposes. Close cooperation with forestry-related companies and the 830-hectare multi-generational school forest offer outstanding learning and observation premises. The school camps can be organized year-round, in the snowy and peaceful winter or in the sunny summer time, when the days are long and nights are filled with light.


Forestry and nature school camp Summer 2020

The summer camps themes focus on forests and nature, and it is based on the study modules of the Finnish vocational qualification in Forestry. Participants ages are between 15-18 years old. The application form is available below. You can contact us to know more details. Application can be done below with the form (individuals) or by email (groups). 

Information package: Forestry_and_Nature_School_Camp_ENG_2020.pdf

Note: If you wish to organize a private camp for your group, we are happy plan it together with you!

Training camps for Forestry professionals

Training can include various themes, such as sustainable forestry, silviculture, manual and mechanized forestry, nature protection, arboricultural services and nature tourism to name a few. Come and train with us and upgrade you forestry skills!


School camps

School camps are offered to groups. The Tuomarniemi dormitory can accommodate up to 100 participants at once. Several different camp themes are available, and for example focusing on gaining English language skills is possible. The location and the history of the campus offer a unique possibility to enjoy and experience the Finnish nature.

The camps can be organised year-round and they can include various activities which are held in cooperation with other service providers.

Peat Sauna Experience

This is your chance to enjoy an unforgettable Peat Sauna Experience. Picture this: A wood-heated traditional Finnish sauna by the lake, accompanied with a locally produced organic peat full body mask followed by a refreshing dip in the lake or rolling in the snow. This is an experience you will not forget. Book here