We are very happy to introduce you a student Jorge from Spain, who has just finished the Erasmus+ program in Ähtäri Zoo. It was Jorge’s first experience in Finland. The language, the culture, the food – everything was new for him but he took it under control very fast. Let's get to know Jorge better, what new achievements and successes he managed to achieve and what impressions and thoughts he had about Finland. 

Jorge Pastor is 27 years old; he is from the city of Alicante. He is finishing the course “Forest and Natural Environment Management” where he has had the opportunity to do an internship abroad. During his 71 days staying in Finland (April - June 2022), he managed to learn a lot of new things: conservation of threatened species, consequences of introducing foreign species, how to take care of native plants. He was so integrated into the Finnish culture that he even started to practice as a guide, teaching some visitors about the animals and their situation and did it very well!


Jorge shared beautiful photos of nature in Finland. He was enjoying Finnish summer. Everything is green and full of life. But he said mosquitoes upset him a little.

To the difficult question of what he liked most about Finland, Jorge answered, hiking in nature and expending time with nice people. It was a very enriching and unforgettable, he says.


International team of Sedu wishes you good luck and have a great summer vacation, Jorge!