8.9.2020 Sedu continues the ban on international mobility until the end of December 2020

During this time Sedu International Services aims to improve and develop ways to offer Internationalisation at Home for students.


18.6.2020 Sedu cancels all international mobility until the end of October 2020

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 Sedu has decided to continue the ban on international mobility. Sedu will not organize exhchanges nor will it host international visitors during the above mentioned time. The situation regarding mobilities during late 2020 as well as the plans for Spring 2021 will be evaluated during September 2020.


The schools are closed in Finland until 13 May, and possibly longer depending on the developments in the virus situation. During the distance learning period , students will learn new digital skills and how to take more responsibility of their own learning.  You can read how the students are feeling about the situation in the  Erasmus+ -funded SWIRL project's newsletter. SWIRL newsletter issue#5 April 2020


Following the Finnish government restrictions, Sedu continues to offer education online until 13th May 2020.   


Due to the coronavirus situation, all of Sedu's education will be offered online until 13th April 2020. 

11.3.2020 Sedu cancels all international mobility until the end of June 2020

Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority for Education Sedu has been actively following the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. Today, after careful consideration, Sedu has decided to cancel all international student and staff mobilities between 11th March and 31st July 2020.

During this time, Sedu will neither host international visitors nor organize school related travels abroad. 
The ongoing mobility periods will be carried out as planned, unless we receive different instructions from the authorities. 

Please read more:

Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture

Finnish institute for Health and Welfare THL

Contact our International Office if you wish to have more information.