Seinäjoki Areena 23.-24.1.2013

Inspiring Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Education 2013 considers entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education from a responsibility and feasibility perspective.
  • How can individual and society goals be achieved through entrepreneurship?
  • How can young people participate in finding and achieving their own potential?
  • What kind of society and operating culture support creativity happening at the interface of different sectors and cultures?


  • Minister of Social Affairs and Health Paula Risikko
  • Serial entrepreneur Taneli Tikka
  • Project Manager Iván Diego Rodriguez
  • Master of Education Marko Vuorenheimo, Signmark
  • KT Matti Rautiainen, University of Jyväskylä
  • Preacher Einari Stylman, Roisto Oy
  • Entrepreneur/organisation director/musician Sampo-Ilmari, Tuhkalehto
  • Entrepreneur Paavo Ässämäki, Lubor Oy
  • Physician Malalai Rahim
  • Principal Marjo Yliluoma
  • College Manager for Service Industries Carol Thrower, Sussex Downs College, UK
  • International Manager Mark Allen, Sussex Downs College, UK
  • Special education teacher Pirjo Huikuri, Vocational College Luovi, Oulu unit

The conference illuminates the possibilities entrepreneurship education has to prevent youth social exclusion and gives the ideas and tools to inspire young people to make their dreams come true. The conference is hosted by Andy Hopi.
Opinlakeus exhibition is being held at the same time. There, it is possible to get to know South Ostrobothnian Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise and the co-operatives of Vocational Education Centre Sedu. Further information about Opinlakeus exhibition

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Further information: Tiina Jokela-Lyly, tel. + 358 40 830 2130