Thursday 23.1.2013
9:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Conference opening statement
Minister of Social Affairs and Health Paula Risikko

10:30 What is communal entrepreneurship education?
Lecturer Matti Rautiainen, University of Jyväskylä

11:20 Experiences from new ways of teaching
Principal Marjo Yliluoma, Karvia

 11:40 Entrepreneurial attitude and motivation
Physician Malalai Rahim

12:00 Lunch


Always winners, no real enterprise
Serial entrepreneur Taneli Tikka

13:50 Event Based Learning and Entrepreneurship Education
College Manager for Service Industries Carol Thrower & International Manager Mark Allen, Sussex Downs College, UK

14:10 The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship:
Is Education Keeping Pace?
Project Manager Ivan Diego, Ciudad Tecnológica del Valle del Nalón S.A.U, Langreo, Spain

14:30 Afternoon coffee

Networking event led by Andy Hopi
An occasion presenting the possibility to create own discussion groups about the current issues in entrepreneurship education.

 16:00 Significant entrepreneurship
Entrepreneur and Organisation Director Sampo-Ilmari Tuhkalehto, Music Without Drugs ry/ACE Revolutions

 17:00 Busses to hotels

Opinlakeus exhibition opens at 5 pm.

 19:30 Evening event
Vocational Education Centre Sedu Seinäjoki, Upankatu 3


Thursday 24.1.2013
8:30 Screw it, Let’s do it:
How experiments and failure educate an entrepreneur

Preacher Einari Stylman, Roisto Oy

9:10 Entrepreneurship as a part of studies
Student/Entrepreneur Jaakko Talvitie, TAMK/Jukolautapelit

9:30 Social entrepreneurship – what and why?
Entrepreneur Paavo Ässämäki, Lubor Oy

10:00 Power to learning from learning environments! Learning Environments that motivate young people, pedagogical solutions that promote learning
Vocational special education teacher Pirjo Huikuri, Vocational College Luovi, Oulu unit

10:30 Break

11:00 Don’t say ”impossible”, if you have not tried yet
Master of Education Marko Vuorenheimo, Signmark

12:00 Closing statement
Director Reija Lepola, Vocational Education Centre Sedu

12:15 Lunch

13:00 At Opinlakeus exhibition the chance to get to know Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise and co-operative operations