Hello let me present myself. I am Pascal Bonnet and I come from South of France. I study international business there and I got a 2 years license in Material Science and Engineering. I’m in Finland for a linguistic placement to improve my English. I am very happy to do my placement in that country especially in SEDU because I know that Finnish educational system is one of the best in the world.

At my arrival I was a little bit shy because even though I knew many things about Finnish customs, I couldn’t imagine how it would be to experience it. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised to see that people were not shy at all with me and that they wanted to know more about my life in France. There is a very good atmosphere in the place where I work and everyone is very friendly with me.

The work is not so difficult, I work with Kari Keskitalo and I answer to partner’s inquiries, I make some translation work for French partners and I prospect new ones. I enjoy it since it improves my English. Finland is a very beautiful country and I appreciate to watch these marvelous snowy landscapes with white Christmas trees everywhere. I’m just disappointed not to experience a cold winter.

I am now used to Finnish culture and I like it very much, even if I have still a lot of things to know about it. Differences of customs are huge between Finland and France that’s the reason why I discover new things everyday; it makes that trip funnier. For example looking people in the eyes when you speak with them, not shaking hands to say hello to boys or removing shoes before going in someone’s house are things that French people don’t do at all. It is also hard for a French people not kiss girls on cheeks to say them hello, it is part of my culture. Nevertheless I will stay here until the end of March and I already know that I will feel some nostalgia when I will come back in France.

Pascal Bonnet