Facts about Finland

Finland (in Finnish: Suomi) has been an independent republic since 1917. And it joined the European Union in January 1995.

Finland is known for it's beautiful nature, forests, high techonology and quality education. Finland is known as the country of thousands of lakes. 
5,4 million of which over 1 million live close to the capital city, in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. 
The total area
338,144 km² (square kilometers), of which 10% is water and 69% forest. Finland has Europe’s largest archipelago which includes the semi-autonomous province of Åland. In terms of area, Finland is one of the largest countries in Europe.

Distances in Finland
1,160 km north to south, 540 km west to east. Finland’s land border with Russia (1,269 km) is the eastern border of the European Union.

Distances to Seinäjoki:

Helsinki  357 km
Turku 295 km
Tampere 180 km
Jyväskylä 197 km
Oulu 325 km
Vaasa 78 km
Rovaniemi (Arctic Circle) 543 km

Official languages

Finland is a bilingual country with two offical languages Finnish 91% and Swedish 5,4%. In Lapland is a language minority with some 2000 Sámi speakers. English is currently the most popular language taught in schools. Other widely studied languages are German, French and Russian.

171 bn in 2009, approximately 32 000 per capita.
78 % of the population aged 25 to 64 have completed upper secondary or tertiary education and 35 % have university or other tertiary qualifications.
The climate in Finland is milder than in many other areas of the same latitude, partly because of the warming influence of the Gulf Stream.

The climate can be quite harsh in winter. January and February are the coldest months with temperatures going down to 20 or 30 minus degrees Centigrade. The chilly winter months from December to early April offer great possibilities to enjoy winter sports. In Lapland you can see beautiful northern lights (Aurora Borealis).

The Finnish spring is long, light and cool. The summer months from June to late August are delightful with temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees Centigrade. During June and July it never gets completely dark, and in the northern parts of Finland the sun does not set at all for some time - the nightless night is an unforgettable experience. The early autumn months are very beautiful when Finnish forest turn from green to burning colors of bright yellow, red and brown. 
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