Before apprenticeship

Apprenticeship training is always based on employment, so it is best to thoroughly negotiate details concerning pay, working times etc. so that they are tentatively ready before contacting Sedu Business Services

You can also train yourself by apprenticeship while working as an entrepreneur. In this case you can yourself choose an entrepreneur colleague or another mentor to support you during your apprenticeship.


Requirements for an apprenticeship employment contract

- the employment must be full-time (at least an average of 25 hours a week)

- the student’s work tasks must be according to the goals of the qualification

- a vocational competent workplace instructor must be appointed for the student at the workplace

- both must be committed to the training goals and participation

- an apprenticeship contract cannot be signed during maternity leave, parental leave, job alternation leave etc.


Preliminary information and assessment

Fill in your details here for an apprenticeship:

You can do an apprenticeship assessment here:


To whom is apprenticeship suitable?

Apprenticeship is suitable for you, if

• you are without completed vocational upper secondary education and training or

• your work duties increase to include new tasks or

• you are missing a qualification for your vocational skills or

• you are lacking formal qualification or

• you need complete retraining for another vocation


You must have employment for an apprenticeship. You are instructed in your tasks by a suitable workplace instructor, who could be your supervisor or colleague. The workplace instructor is your support person and adviser at the workplace. It is also worth considering apprenticeship if you have a summer job where you can perform a qualification unit.


In addition, you should have

• aptitude for the sector and the qualification to be studied

• skills and motivation to study independently while working


Benefits and advantages

As an apprentice you receive

• in accordance with the collective labour agreement, at least a trainee’s pay (possible pay for theory lessons, distance learning and on-line study pay is negotiated separately)

• other normal benefits of employment (annual holiday etc.)

• free of charge theory, on-line or other distant learning as required

• pay or social benefits for students for school days


Apprentice benefits

The student has the right to receive social benefits for students for theoretical studies.

If the employer does not pay for theory, distance learning or on-line learning, then the student is paid

• daily allowance 15 €/study day

• family allowance 17 €/study day, if he or she has a dependant under the age of 18.


Benefits that are not dependent on receiving pay are

• travel expenses for theory lessons, if the journey is over 10 km one way.

• accommodation reimbursement for accommodation expenses 8 €/study day, if the theoretical training is arranged outside of the student’s home municipality or the municipality of the apprenticeship.


You can apply for social benefits for students here: