About Sedu

Passion for profession stems from the people, fields, forests, companies and the utterly entrepreneurial landscape of the South Ostrobothnia region in Finland.

Sedu is a complete VET (vocational education and training) powerhouse! Start your journey here to discover what we can offer students and experts of education and work.

We are a regional education provider

  • study locations in the following municipalities: Seinäjoki, Ilmajoki, Kurikka, Lappajärvi, Lapua, Ähtäri and Vaasa
  • education for 5000 students
  • continuing education or further training courses
  • preparatory vocational education and training
  • broad-based vocational qualifications in several study fields
  • work for 600 staff members

We are an international education provider

  • more than 200 students and 100 teachers and other staff members participates in international exchanges every year
  • yearly about 100 incoming students and more than 100 staff members visit Sedu
  • 17 international projects in 2021
  • member in several global networks

We cooperate with

  • international partner schools and other organisations in over 40 countries
  • hundreds of companies in the framework of work-based learning
  • dozens of companies and other organisations by offering staff training and development services
  • the regional development organizations by participating actively their activities as partners and experts
  • other service providers in integration of immigrants by providing courses in the Finnish language
  • within employment sector by providing employment training and career guidance