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Managing Directors and key personnel who want English training specifically for their requirements and abilities. Training can be at your timetable and the way you would like it.
For all levels of English speakers. Those who want to speak more than basic English, and for those who want to increase their fluency.
A personal English Coach provides the support and development specific to your needs and skills. Training is strongly focused on when and how you need to use English, to help your work be as productive and easy as possible.
Native Englishman, Julian Dawe, has over 20 years of productive business English training for companies in South Ostrobothnia.
Julian has spoken Finnish for over 20 years, has dual nationality and is fully immersed in Finnish culture and customs.

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Training is supplied according to enquiries.
Quotation available on request


Julian Dawe, p. 040 868 0803, julian.dawe(at)