Practical Nurse Vocational Qualification Practical Nurse

Do you want a profession that is human-oriented and versatile and in addition it has a good employment outlook? Do you want to take care of people’s health and wellbeing? It is very important for a practical nurse to have good interaction and co-operation skills.
You are in good health and you want to look after your own occupational safety and wellbeing at work.
As a practical nurse you will have
- ability to wide and responsible nursing and care work in different environments of the client/patient
- ability to multi-professional co-operation
- ability to co-operation and interaction in multicultural environments
Finnish students who have good command of English language can apply for this programme.
Foreign students with good Finnish and English skills can apply for this programme.
The duration of the studies is approximately 2-3 years in accordance with your personal competence development plan. It is possible to recognize your previous learning if you already have acquired relevant skills from working life or through other studies. This will shorten the duration of your studies and you can only acquire the missing skills.
Vocational module: Nursing and Care
You will learn
- nursing and care based on client’s/patient’s needs
- planning, implementation and evaluation of the client’s/patient’s nursing and care in health care centres, hospitals, home care, elderly care homes and service homes using the rehabilitative approach
- drug care and how to follow up the effects of drugs
- taking care of cleaning, food service, coziness and safety
-nursing and care work in different phases of lifespan
-studies include pediatric, youth, adult and elderly care and home nursing
-health promotion, mental health, rehabilitation, anatomy and physiology, drug care, first aid, nutrition, Finnish, creative activities and sport
Content of the study module in detail
Taught mainly in English. Some subjects are taught partly in Finnish. Students need to provide their own working clothes, schoolbooks and other materials.
Finnish students will carry out abroad at least one of the on-the-job learning periods that are included in the study module.
All students are entitled to free lunches and they can apply for a place in Sedu’s student residence.
Sedu is renewing its study location in Seinäjoki. Vocational education in Health and Welfare (also Practical Nurse -programme) will move to a temporary location. Studies will continue in the campus of Kirkkokatu when the new building with its up-to-date learning environment is completed.
Vocational upper secondary qualifications provide eligibility for higher education studies in universities of applied sciences and in universities. This means that you can apply for a place in any field of study. You may deepen your vocational competence by studying further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications, for example, on the side.

Hakeutuminen ja opiskelijavalinta

The student intake will be 18.2. – 31.3.2020.
All applicants will be invited take part in aptitude and language tests in 15th of May 2020.
Students who are native speakers of Finnish will be tested for their knowledge of English. Students who are not native speakers of Finnish will be tested for their knowledge of both Finnish and English.
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