Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care, Practical Nurse

junior high school graduates / secondary school graduates / vocational school graduates
Finnish students who have good command of English language can apply for this programme.
Foreign students with good Finnish and English skills can apply for this programme.
More detailed information https://eperusteet.opintopolku.fi/#/en/kooste/3689879
A personal study plan (PSP) is compiled for each student. The PSP is updated throughout the duration of the studies.
Health requirements associated with the training
The SORA-decree (Directive 27/011/2015, Finnish National Agency for Education) is applied in selection. The directive takes into account suitability for the sector, especially from the viewpoint of characteristics relating to health and functional ability. http://www.sedu.fi/fi/Hakijalle/Mihin-ja-miten-haen/Sovellunko-alalle
Here is a list of the health requirements, which can be an obstacle to accepting a student to the Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care programme.
* psychological illnesses, which prevent the completion of practical tasks or participation in workplace learning, such as current untreated psychosis or major depression which reduces the ability to work.
* physical illnesses, such as musculoskeletal disorders or injuries and chronic skin disorders, which limit ability to work to the extent that they prevent activity in practical tasks or workplace learning.
* blood transmitted diseases can limit practical tasks or workplace learning placements.
* substance abuse or substance addiction.
All students are entitled to free lunches and have an opportunity to apply for a place in a student residence.
The students provide their working clothes, school books and other material needed. During the education at least one of the on-the-job-learning periods will take place abroad for Finnish students.

Hakeutuminen ja opiskelijavalinta

The student intake will be 25.5.2020 - 29.7.2020
Applicants will be invited to the aptitude and language tests in August 2020.
Students who are native speakers of Finnish are tested for their knowledge of English. Students who are not native speakers of Finnish are tested for their knowledge of both Finnish and English.


Mrs Saija Pellinen, tel. + 358 40 868 0612
Sedu Admission Office tel. +358 40 830 2275