Vocational qualification in Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology, automation assembler

For whom?
The training is intended for those interested in automation and assembly tasks. The vocational upper secondary education does not require previous training or work experience in the electrical sector, so it is also suitable for those changing occupations.
The training is in English. Some subjects are taught in Finnish. We offer Finnish language training, alongside studies in this sector, for those who are not native Finnish speakers.
Automation assemblers, who can speak English and Finnish, find interesting work, for example as an export assembler.
Would you like to work abroad? Are you interested in doing installation work in different parts of the world? This training prepares you for that kind of work.
What do you get?
The studies consist of vocational qualification units, as well as workplace learning. You will study in Seinäjoki, at Törnäväntie and partly from home. You will be a full-time student. The training starts on 4.10.2021 and lasts for about 2 years, depending on your previous studies and work experience.
The education provides you with the required skills for electrical and automation sector assembly, servicing and maintenance tasks. Automation assemblers carry out assembly and maintenance work in process and stand-alone automation.
During the studies you will acquire the necessary skills for real estate electrical installation.
In your studies you will become familiar with work and electrical occupational safety and you will learn industrial electrical and automation installations, the use of programmable logic (PLC) and frequency converter and electrical motor installations.
Automation assembler compulsory modules 30 ECVET points:
- Working in Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology
Optional qualification modules 45 + 70 ECVET points:
- Break bulk automation installations 45 ECVET points OR
- Building automation installations 45 ECVET points
- Installation and use of industrial robotics 25 ECVET points
- Installation of fire and security systems 25 ECVET points
- Installation of solar power systems 25 ECVET points
What is good to know?
Before applying for the qualification, it is worth considering how you will support yourself financially during the studies. On this qualification it is possible to apply for Kela’s student financial aid, the Education Fund’s adult education subsidy or for the duration of the course it is possible to apply for labour administration voluntary unemployment benefit.
Qualification specific health requirements
Please note that visual impairment may be an obstacle to working in this profession

Hakeutuminen ja opiskelijavalinta

Application and student selection
Apply for the qualification by 5.9.2021
Students are selected on the basis of their application and interviews.
Students who are not native speakers of Finnish are tested for their knowledge of both Finnish and English. Students are required to have good proficiency in English. Some subjects are taught in Finnish.
The education is work life orientated. On this qualification it is required to perform competence demonstrations in companies operating in the sector.


Further information
Jani Saarimaa, jani.saarimaa(at)sedu.fi or tel. +358 40 868 2014
Sedu Hakijapalvelut tel. 040 830 2275, tel. 0800 122 122