An international twist to your story?

Internationality gives you more opportunities for learning. You can broaden your skills by going abroad on an exchange or by becoming more international at home. International activities are also reflected in Sedu's daily life through international students and teachers.

For more information, contact the international affairs coordinator on your campus and Sedu's international affairs services.

Internationality is a part of everyday life at Sedu. Every year, around 100 Sedu students spend a period of work-based learning abroad. The exchanges vary in length from weeks to months and take place mainly in Europe. As a student at Sedu, you can receive an Erasmus+ grant for an international placement. 

Sedu students are coached before the exchange period. The international affairs coordinator, the professional teacher and the contact person from the host organisation support the student in planning and implementing the exchange period.

You can also improve your knowledge of international relations and different cultures by completing the optional vocational qualification unit of  Working in an international working environment, either in Finland or abroad. Skills and Competences acquired abroad are recognized as part of the vocational qualification.

For more information, contact the International Affairs Coordinator on your campus or International Affairs Services. Sedu students can find more information on the student intranet.  

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